Saturday, 22 December 2012

Cabinetry, Tiling done.. Painting about to start

Still moving ahead, slowing down due to Christmas naturally.  While early days they were trying to get us in for Christmas, we have known for a while that we weren't going to get in before. We have reached fixing stage completed give or take a few items. Tiling is done except the splashbacks and recesses. Kitchen, laundry, pantry and vanity cabinetry is in. Painting prep has started today.

We fell into a bit of a trap for new players when it came to feature tiles. We were going to use feature in the recesses and splashbacks for vanities and laundry. We chose some glass ceramics we liked. The area that was being tiled was approx 3 sqm, but these tiles are sold by the sheet or piece. Most we chose were 300 x 300 sheets. In the end we needed over 30 sheets which equated to about $1300!! this turned out to be over $400 per sqm vs $35 sqm for our rectified porcelain wall and floor tile. We have changed  where we are going to put the feature to cut down the extra cost.

Wardrobes were measured up for shelving, doors etc. Ceasasestone was measured up today and they started with the painters gapping and filling

Builder is saying end of Jan, I think it will be mid-end Feb, but I'm happy to be wrong!

Kitchen cabinetry going in

Study Nook

Island Bench with cupbard on reverse side

Overhead cupboards missing doors for where range hood will go

Banks of drawers

Laundry tiling

laundry cabinetry

Main Bathroom

Alfresco upstairs


Pantry shelving on one side. They got this wrong and have to replace it. Its too narrow, should be 300mm  but they made it 100 for some reason.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Flooring started!

Heaps of progress...

plastering and cornice all done, floors are being laid and look great. Rendering has started, rear deck is finished except for balustrades, internal doors hung and architraves & skirting done. Tile bedding done and tiling starting soon. 

The big thing we are very happy about is that we have internal stairs!! Woohoo. They look great and make it a heck of a lot easier than climbing the ladder!! 

Had final meeting with cabinet maker last week and kitchen is being made. We chose Dulux Lexicon for cabinetry and likely Haze ceasarstone for the benchtops 

Cornice - Cairo Three Step

First coat ( of three) of render

Rear Deck

Waterproofing for main bathroom

Internal Stairs

Door way to under stairs plasterboarded up

Mixed hardwood timber floors

 Upstairs looking to kitchen
 looking back to lounge

 Study nook

Sunday, 18 November 2012


an up and down week.....

We made some selections for the tiling. Turns out some of the the accent tiles for the niches and splashbacks are a little on the pricey side, which we didn't really consider so we might need to re-think some of those. We also had chosen a rectified polished porcelain tile for the wet areas. We know these are very popular and look fantastic, but we have never been 100% about the slip factor ie they seem very slippery when wet. We think we will keep the tile we selected for the walls, but look for a different one for the floor, maybe with a matte finish.

Few issues with the insulation, making sure it's in all the places it should be and installed properly. Still had a few issues where a whole wall was sheeted over in the Media room that should have had insulation in it which didn't, so that plasterboard has to come off and redone. Moral of the story is that you really need an inspection when the builder says the insulation is finished and prior to plasterboard starting. While I had inspected, I had done it on my own and passed on the feedback which didn't get actioned. It may have been different if I had the builder with me. Still dont think it should be me picking this stuff up.

Builder has had a bit of scare with being fined for un-supervised site visits from owners, which has meant that he has had to re-iterate to me that he needs to be onsite for us to be here. We understand and respect his position, but then we also need to be practical and he needs to see the benefit of me picking up something which means he can correct on the spot, rather than having to pull of plaster board to fix as an example. It was a little tense for a day or so but we are all good now, Builder is very easy going and he makes himself available for us to go see the place whenever we want so its working out ok.

on that point, he txt me yesterday saying he was going over Sun afternoon to check how the place stood up to all the storms we have had the last 2 days.. Flew leaks off the alfresco which hasnt been waterproofed yet, but this will be done this week.

Plasterboard is all done and plastering, cornice still to come. We ended up going with Cairo three step cornice throughout. Rendering is starting this week also.

Now for a few pictures....

 Looking back to the kitchen. On the right you can see where we have had to build out for the air conditioning ducts. One of the issues with open plan upstairs and the ducts not considered in the design
Left to right,  Entrance to powder room, then study nook, then pantry
 Build out for air con ducts

Multi Purpose room


Main bathroom with shower niches