Thursday, 27 September 2012

First Floor Framing

Most of the first floor frame has been completed. I snuck up top and took a few snaps

 out to north east

out to north west
 Out to west
 Stairwell void
 from living to Multi Purpose room

 Multi purpose room east wall. We are thinking of putting picture window on this wall

 This would be the view out where were thinking of putting the window on the kitchen splashback wall. No longer going to do it.

 Powder room and Study nook
 Out to North over the green pool ( to be renovated)

 View from where island bench will be

 Mt Cootha in the distance

This is the opening for the stacker door onto the Alfresco ( where the blue board is)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ground Floor Frame

Most of the ground floor framing is now done. There is part of the west wall external wall frame still to go, but other that this, all the rooms have been framed so we can start to get a  good feel for sizes and walk throughs. This frame was done in 1 week, so hopefully the first floor frames takes the same amount of time, then things will really start to take shape.

Some photos

 From Rear East - Our bedroom and robe

 Son's room taken from kids retreat

Bathroom where floor recessed
 Looking back towards road

 Entry & Stairwell space

 Media room
 Media room from front on

 Son's room from rear
 Son's room and kids retreat from rear & deck

 Laundry & ensuite in recessed floor area

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ground Floor Joists & Sub Floor

Still a little slow, but progress all the same.
Joists are down so is Ply Subfloor for the ground level. They we marking out the frame in the afternoon so hopefully this will be going up tomorrow.

 Some shots under the ground floor. Still good clearance. We have chosen to not insulate under the ground subfloor just yet. We have access to under and the builder has said he will come back and do it if we want it done after we have lived in the house and feel we need it.

 Ply sub flooring down

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Bearers in place

The last two weeks have been a bit slower going than we would have liked. From our last post we have had the following completed :

Block retaining walls put up, waterproofed and back filled
Posts have been cut to size and the bearers went on

I've posted some photos below

 With one coat of the water proofing. It had another 2 coats and then had core flute panels attached so the rocks cant pierce the waterproofing.

That's not how our son normally dresses for school, it was book week and he went to school as a Journalist/Newsreader!

 Bearers in place for the ground floor. Was hoping joists would be on today also, but thats Monday now.