Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Trades and Suppliers

For anyone in and around Brisbane, I thought I would recommend some of the trades that have worked on our build so far. All theses trades and suppliers, I would use again and have been very, very helpful and accommodating :

Electrician :
Scott from Definitive Electrical

Plumber :
Dave from Adapt Building Services

Home Automation, Data Cabling & Audio Visual infrastructure
Mark from The Big Picture

Bathroom & Kitchen ware
Alana from Brett's Architectural

Roof.. Windows.. Electrical/Data... Cladding

ok, well it has been a while and we have had some really good progress..where to start....

Well last time, or at least the last pics we were getting ready for the roof. Well thats all done now, roofs, gutters, facia. Soffits are also done. Windows and sliding doors are all in. Electrical for ground floor is all done, data cabling for first floor done, Plumbing rough-in all done and then today the cladding started !! Really good to see it coming together.

and now for some long awaited pictures......

Getting Ready for the roof

Roof Gutter Facia on

Windows in
 3 door stacker out to Alfresco

Double hung in Living room

Double hung in MPR

 Fixed glass in stairwell

Meals & Kitchen. We do get a bit of glare and heat also off the roof back through these windows. Not something we considered through the design, so we may need  to look at tinting or something depending on how bad it gets.

 Powder room  with one white translucent pane

 Sliding door from kids retreat

 Main bed and WIR robe

 Bed 3
 Bed 2

Data Cabling 

This is just for the first floor so far,  ground floor getting done tomorrow.

Ground floor Cladding

It's an insulated panel which comes with a thin layer of render already on it and is then finished with a final thick layer and then painted. Pretty happy with how its going on so far and looks.

 Ensuite window
Laundry sliding door

Looking up from back yard

 Alfresco First floor

Friday, 5 October 2012

Selections... Windows.. Benchtops.. Lighting Automation

It really is flying along at the moment. I went today and the SS asked me to go through on the weekend and mark where I want extra noggins for pictures, TV etc, he's already put extras in for towel rails , dryer etc. 

Builder was telling me he's adding extra ply bracing and they were also going to batten screw the frame at every doorway so if the door slams tree won't be any movement. Seemed like a good idea to me.

We are going through some of selections we did with our original builder to make sure we are happy with them. Went to see ceasarstone showroom today. Have narrowed down to 4. Haze, Ivory, Linen and Seattle Sky. 

Had meeting with the windows rep during the week and we have decided to go with the three door stacker upstairs going onto the alfresco. The combination of the screen track size and the saving in both the door cost and screening costs was the deciding factors. Saw some nice sliding door handles at the showroom. Slimline with good locking(double beak) mechanisms and a nifty indicator to show if locked or not. Did get a surprise that some windows are actually double hung. We thought they were single hung.

Trying to decide how far I want to go with my light automation and its doing my head in a bit at the moment. To do everything i want i need to get all the light circuits hoe run to central point. Don't think this (the 240v cableing) got priced so need to see how much more. Already have the automation stuff in there. Got meeting with Sparky and AV guy next week.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Getting ready for roof

More framing getting finished and getting ready for the roofers to come on Monday/tuesday next week. Scaffold is up. Rear deck and alfresco framed up. carport framed up and roof trusses on that also...more pics.....

Upper floor alfresco

Outlook from Alfresco

Looking down from Alfresco onto lower deck & pool
The Pool is looking a little worse for wear, but it will end up looking better than ever once we've finished.

Into Multi Purpose Room

Looking from MPR to Living, Meals, kitchen right to left

Carport trusses up

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Roof Trusses are on

Last week they finished the framing and the roof trusses were delivered and then craned onto the roof. Today they put them in place and commenced the tie down. The rear alfresco was framed up also and looks great.

Roof and windows being measured up tomorrow.